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MUST-HAVE-MUSTARDS......and more!

Wholegrain & Smooth Mustard made with cider vinegar

Mustard is so much more than a side of the plate condiment. It can be used to make a sauce, mixed with oil and vinegar as a salad dressing or....

My Glamorgan sausages are fabulous by adding Sweet Herb Mustard

Gareth Johns - The Wynsnstay Hotel, Machynlleth

The Range

Apple Spiced Mustard (V) - With a hint of cinnamon, goes well with pork, sausages & ham

Chipotle & Honey Mustard - A smoked & warming mustard, ideal for BBQ's and as a dip

Dragon's Fire Mustard (V) - Some heat from the smoked paprika, try adding to Welsh Rarebit

Garlic, Lemon & White Wine Mustard (V) - Delicious flavours, good to make a dressing with

Guinness & Dark Chocolate Mustard - Rich combination for chilli con carni or beef stew

Honey Mustard - A classic recipe using apple blossom honey, goes with all meat

Horseradish Mustard - Heat x 2, ideal with beef, steak or mixed with oil as a marinade

Kashmiri Chilli Mustard (V) - Not for the fainthearted, initial heat that mellows...slowly!

Mango Mustard (V) - Sweetness is the key, great as a dip or with a veggie curry

Mushroom & White Wine Mustard (V) - Mix with cream and pour over cooked pasta

Olive & Herb Mustard (V) Try adding to a one-pot linguine or spreading on bruschetta

Roasted Beet & Balsamic Mustard (V) - Try adding to oil and drizzling on a tray bake

Scrumpy Mustard (V) - A fragrant mustard with fennel, good mixed with mayonnaise

Spiced Orange Mustard (V) - Good on chicken or spreading on aubergines prior to grilling

Sun Dried Tomato & Pesto Mustard - Great with garlic bread and roasted haloumi or feta

Sweet Chilli Mustard (V) - Try adding to courgette & carrot spaghetti plus good with duck

Sweet Herb Mustard (V) - Add to hot mashed potato or make Glamorgan sausages with it

Tarragon & Lime Mustard (V) - Classic flavours works well with chicken & Risotto Primavera

Welsh Ale Mustard (V) - The depth of flavour is good added to a veggie or beef stew

Whiskey & Honey Mustard - A good warmth, try adding to a peppercorn sauce

Wild Berry & Port Mustard (V) - Rich flavours ideal with lentil meatballs or game dishes

And More.....


Rubijocki - A creamy mix of beetroot and horseradish, lovely with mackerel or used as a dip

Mint & Apple Sauce - a sauce/jelly use with lamb or mix with yogurt to have with a curry

Horseradish Sauce - Nice bit of heat to add to a dish or on the side of your place


Cider Brandy - Orange base made with our cider brandy

Lemon & Cider - A great combination of zesy lemons and dry cider

St Clements - Oranges and lemons of course as in the song

Lime & Ginger - Fragrant and warming but not hot

SEASONAL  Please ask for availability

Dragon's Breath Chutney - Warming with fresh chillis

Welsh Farmhouse Chutney - Rich and dark using dates and all spice

Beetroot & Orange Relish - A classic combination and good with so many things


Breakfast Packs - 3 x mini jars of assorted marmalades

Mustard Packs - 3 x mini jars of assorted mustards

Welsh Flag Packs - 3 x mini jars of preserves (horseradish sauce, mint sauce & dragons firemustard

VINEGAR 250ml bottles

Apple Cider Vinegar

Lemon & Ginger Cider Vinegar

Fruit Infused Cider Vinegar

Cider Vinegar with Rosemary

Spiced Chilli Cider Vinegar

Elderflower Vinegar

Honegar (a blend of honey and cider vinegar)

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